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  • 大學畢業典禮-> 香港中文大學-> 中文大學畢業典禮2017-> CUHK MASTER DEGREE 2017->Session 4 Faculty of Social Science
    Session 4 Faculty of Social Science
    01 Snap Shot at the venue
    02 Ceremony
    03 Master of Philosophy
    04 TMP Department of Government and Public Administration
    05 TMP School of Architecture
    06 TMP Department of Geography and Resource Management
    07 TMP Department of Psychology
    08 TMP Department of Economics
    09 TMP Department of Sociology
    10 TMP Graduate Division of Earth System and GeoInformation Science
    11 TMP Graduate Division of Gender Studies
    12 TMP Graduate Division of Social Science
    13 TMP School of Journalism and Communication
    14 TMP Department of Social Work


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